Standalone Application control


I have a need to implement Application control for a site and was wondering what other people have used or implemented.

  • Is it worth looking at Applocker or Windows defender app control?

  • What are the better 3rd party apps?

-WHat are so pitfalls people have found?

I was hoping gravityzone would be rolled in the Ninja RMM so i could test that!

Thank you

The problem with applications whitelising is they are lots of work to manage in environments that use anything more than Microsoft tools on their systems. If they are running any special apps for things like accounting, dental, etc… there will be more work involved managing things that got blocked and angry clients who could not do their job.

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If you absolutely had to implement that then IMO use GPO applocker

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WDAC and AppLocker are the way I would go.

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Yeah I’m at a point where i do need to look at rolling our whitelisting.

At least with GPO applocker i can run it all off groups.

Ill start doing some testing.


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