SSH/Telnet + Putty issues


Hope someone here can help. We’re using a very old inventory management system that we access through Putty either ssh or telnet and a simple username and password credentials. We recently moved that server to a new location with a new subnet and now behind a Netgate firewall versus a Cisco ASA previously. Necessary changes to the IP configuration have been made are able to ping that server and printers it had (both ways). Unfortunately, accessing the server the same way via Putty fails and gives us the “Server unexpectedly closed network connection” message. FTP to it works (seagull) and printing from within the server’s inventory software works. Netgate-wise, any traffic is allowed within the network and we even have the “Bypass firewall rules for traffic on the same interface” option checked in the Advanced settings. Does anyone have any idea what else we could check for? Thank you!

Check the network settings on that system see if the old IP is still assigned somewhere because that would cause it to think it’s still on the old network.

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Thank you! We found the offending config file. There was a host allow file with a list of subnets and it worked after we added the new one.

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