Ssh load balancing

I looking for any resources about load balancing ssh traffic to 10 raspberry pies the 60 people.
i have found these for haproxy but i would prefer to use nginx because i have a bit of experience with it.
Load-Balancing ssh with HAProxy | Jake Chanenson
Load Balancing SSH – Eugene Petrenko
it also need to be able to handle losing devises the PIs have bean very unreliable.

Welcome to the forums, not a project I have worked on before, hope someone else here has some suggestions.

Make an nginx TCP load balancer with health checks. I think that’s a good way to go.

I have used both nginx and haproxy. I know nginx isn’t as fully featured for load balance unless you pay $$$. HAproxy is solid and comes with more load balancing features and has a web gui to manage the hosts in case you decide to take a host out or rotation.