SSD Upgrade on Server

So I have a Dell R630 (10-bay, 2.5" HDs) running in RAID-10 (for best performance). The current drives are only 300GB giving me more space than I need.

I’ve read that SSD fail because they can only write data to each cell a certain number of times. So is it safe to say the bigger the drives and the more you have will increase the time before the drives fail (due to the writing limit).


You are overthinking it. This article from a few years ago (drives have improved since) shows just how long SSD will last and it’s longer than most people think. Yes, wear leveling is an issue, as they discuss in the article it take huge workloads to really wear them out.

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Yeah, I get what you’re saying and I will defiantly read the article in the link. Maybe a better way to ask this was to spread out the wear leveling, having 10x 1TB drives is better than 10x 400GB drives.

A true my work place we have had sass installed for many years and log tons of data to them. Never had an issue and they are only 120gb.
I believe these droves can last a long time.

ok, so after reading the article I see what you mean and I think they tested consumer drives and I’m looking at enterprise drives which will be even better.

So is there any software to test if my server is read or write intensive?

Hi @KevinBaker,

How is your experience so far with the SSD upgrade, especially the performance gain. Do you think it really thing it made a lot of difference?