SSD upgrade for a Proxmox cluster

Hey team
some quick opinions please. I run 3 Proxmox servers in a cluster. Each is a HP Elitedesk G1 i7 CPU with 32Gb RAM. They’re entry level and don’t use much power. I config’d each to host 2 x 2.5" 128gb SSD’s (RAID1) to run the OS and a single 6Tb WD Red NAS drive for the VM’s. There is also a Proxmox Backup server running on a HP Microserver Gen8 so losing a 6Tb WD NAS drive isn’t too much of a biggie.

One of the Proxmox nodes has dropped an SSD so it’s OS drives are degraded. I noticed recently that another node is showing SMART wear levels of 28% and 32% for it’s not that old Kingston SSD’s

You opinion please for long wearing with reasonable performance 2.5" SSD’s?
Samsung, Kingston, Corsair, Crucial, Sandisk, Other?, Other2?

there are a zillion websites reviewing SSD drive performance. I’d like a “real-world” opinion on this. With the Jolly Fat Man on the way the purse strings are a little tight… but Black Friday sales are around the corner.

I have been using Samsung Evo 870s in my various nodes and they are doing quite well, the newest server is already a year old and both SSDs only show 5% wearout. I have some in other hosts but they are using a hardware RAID card unfortunately so I cannot see the wear level but they have been running for multiple years now and are still going strong.

Crucial MX500 or any non-QLC Samsung SSD are good choices in the new/consumer space (some very good deals on Crucial MX500 right now). Or you can step over to the used enterprise space and look for things like Samsung 845DC, Intel 3500/3700.

Thanks Astraea & brwainer for your honest opinions. I’m a little disappointed in the wear levels I’ve seen with the Kingston drives. I think the Samsung Evo 870’s, which are available in West. Aussie will be the way forward. I’ll definitely check the prices fom the Crucial MX500’s tho!