SRT streaming protocol (and pfsense)?

Has anyone been working with the “new” SRT streaming protocol and specifically any tips on passing it through pfsense?

I was looking at trying to build out an NDI system, but after chatting with a rep. from Panasonic, they seem to be backing the open sourced SRT protocol (as well as optional license for NDI | HX). I have about 40 minutes worth of reading under my belt now, and I think this would be a better way to go forward with our “out of studio” studio productions.

I’m going to be learning more as time allows, and hopefully we will be buying many of the Panasonic AG-CX350 cameras to replace our 10 year old cameras. If not these, then I’m going to push for something that can still do SRT streams for real time (almost really real time) video transmission over IP from our campus LAN or maybe a little over the web (just for fun).

here’s a link to the SRT Alliance and there is more on the Haivision website (they created it):

And yes OBS seems to support this, as does Wirecast and VMix. Would welcome thoughts from people using or now starting to research this technology.

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Working with SRT since Month, what is your Issue with pfSense? It’s just a normal UDP stream so nothing you need to be afraid in pfSense. No fancy STUN / TURN like in SIP required.

Thanks. I thought it would go right through with a simple forward. The hard part is getting my campus IT department o allow a wider use of UDP, they have a lot of stuff locked down because security… That’s the reason for everything you don’t want to bother doing.

The Advantage of SRT is you can use it in a so called rendevouz mode where the server on connect accept push and pulls. So instead of open a port locally on your system you can push it from your Production to the taker. Most High Ports UDP wise in Company firewalls are fine.