SquidGuard Blacklist Database

Hi folks. Years ago I was using the Shallalist URL to download and build the blacklist database for SquidGuard in order to filter content. Now, this blacklist is no longer available. Is anyone aware of an alternative to Shallalist besides the French one?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Welcome to the forums, I don’t use squid myself but hopefully someone that does will offer up a solution.

Thank you for the welcome. I’m glad to be here. I follow the youtube channel. What can I use to be able to filter content on my network?

For home users we use pfblocker.

I’m looking to filter the content in my office network. Can I get this done with that? I saw many comments talking about pfblocker could be bypassed by hard typing the IP address.

Yes, pfblocker is DNS based and easy to bypass. For our managed business clients we use a commercial tool called Zorus

Hi Tom, I will consider that option.

Thank you for your advice. I’m glad to join this community