Squid WhiteList ACL

Can someone explain what the whitelist does within the Squid configuration?

So I am currently running a MITM deployment and when a website doesn’t work - zoom.us or whatsapp, once I add those domains to the whitelist , users are able to use the application or visit the URL. So at this time I’m using the whitelist as a way of putting in domains that don’t work going through the proxy, add those domains to the whitelist, those domains load now.

According to the description white list " Destination domains that will be accessible to the users that are allowed to use the proxy. ". This seems odd because prior to adding domains that didn’t work, the white list was empty.

So I’m just confused as to what does setting does. Im able to access sites through the proxy before. Im able to know. Whitelist lists is growing but the description almost seems like “sites that have trouble through the proxy, add them here”

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Based on the behavior you described I would agree.

Sounds like you are making things more complicated than they need to be by using squid. Is this a lab you are talking about here or a business?

It was a POC.
Ive since shut it down. Squid, correctly, makes this a bit more complicated than it needs to be.