Squid Proxy Server + Airvpn connection to the internet

I’m still doing the reading to understand how to configure Squid as a proxy server, but running into brain freeze right now. My first goal was to use pfSense + Airvpn for my internet connection, but the documentation available for configuring Airpvn for pfSense is outdated and I had no success.

I just recently stumbled on how to use Airvpn + Squid using openSUSE Leap, so I want use it as a proxy+vpn server for all users to connect to the internet, and I can successfully connect to the internet from my Windows 10 Pro Desktop via the system proxy settings to Leap and use Airvpn, but now I can not navigate to my other servers, VM’s and desktops without using the host’s IP, not the hostname.

Windows Desktop: I’m using the system proxy settings not the browser proxy setting, but the only hostname I can connect to using the hostname is my pfSense box. How do I properly configure the proxy settings to allow me to connect using all other localnet hostnames, is this possible and how or can squid do DNS lookups?

Well I believe I have found the solution by adding the local 1) domain name and 2) hosts names to be excluded from the proxy on my Windows and Browser settings. I also created another proxy server without the Airvpn for the Tor Browser connection, because I heard it was not recommended to use Tor → VPN, but VPN → Tor (I will get into this later).

Any feedback on this setup for internet connection for enhance privacy and security?