Sponsored content on youtube

There was a question by Tom in another thread asking if he should be looking into doing sponsored content on his channel. I think the way he discloses things in the first few moments of the video is definitely the right way to start. But I have a couple videos I’d like to share, one popped up just this morning, and one is warning about setting things up correctly to protect his trust in the community.

I agree with his philosophy on making sure you state very clearly right up front what your arrangement might be between creator and product company.

Notice that he has a standard contract to protect his business and does not make videos on the company terms. I think this is the same type of contract that Tom would need to create if he is willing to go into any paid product “reviews”, the company should get no editorial input and you should be paid whether anyone sees the video or not. The company can (maybe) choose to make the video public or keep it private. Always make certain you own the copyright of your work, never sign this away. You may even need to pay the copyright registration fee so you can legally fight in court when company XYZ takes parts of you video (that they hated) and uses it in advertisement without your permission.

I already have a content ethics policy posted on my site:


Out of those two videos, if you didn’t watch the Den of Tools video, it might be worth your time.