Speed issues with uap-ac-hd

Hello all

Having a strange issue that I am hoping the community can help with as I am new to ubiquiti. I have rolled out 15 uap-ac-hd AP’s and I’m having an issue with throughput, the entire network seems to be capped at 500mpbs down despite the fact that the ap’s offer 1.7gbs with aggregated links. I’m not really concerned with an individual clients speed, it’s more the fact that the entire network wont go over 500mbps so if I have 10 clients run a throughout test it all equals 500mbps, again, not to fussed about any individual client getting 1gbps it’s more that I need the 1.7gbps bandwidth pipe for the amount of wireless clients operating on the network

Thanks in advance for the help

First step would be to run some tests with iperf to and from a device that is physically connected and see what speeds you get. Then connect to an AP connected to the same switches and see what happens. Just to confirm it’s not a network problem elsewhere.

hi gareth

i have done an iperf test from a pc connected via ethernet to the access point and i get 1gb transfer speed so i belive its a wireless config/radio issue