Speed issues on XPC-NG


I’m currently expanding to 10gig network cards. I’ve got one in my freenas box and one in my xcp-ng server (mt26448) but when i run iperf over them 9they have statically assigned IP’s) i get gigabit speeds. I’ve checked the cable and all that. I may try another card but I just want to hear your input. Secondly, I can never seem to get gigabit speeds for any of my vm’s with or without the xen tools installed. any tips?

thanks for the help,


Not every card is 100% compatible. For best results use the Intel 10G cards, but here is another post about the topic that might help with a solution. Issue with Chelsio T320 10G nic and xcp-ng (Solved)

Their forums are really helpful on that topic as well https://xcp-ng.org/forum/