Speed issues inside of Unifi network

Hi all,

I have recently deployed a Ubiquiti Network solution to increase network productivity for a small company with aprox 20 users.

basic topography is:

1-USG Pro 4

2- US-24-250

in series off Lan port on usg pro 4 using ports 23 in and 24 out to link 2nd switch also has two vlans
vlans 1 and 10 with 10 being tagged

basic problem is as follows:
gateway speeds register at 310 down 32 up and 7 ms ping
switch speeds register at 115-190 down 31 up and pings from 10-60
iISP has tested multiple time and denies any responsibility.

any input would be apprciated

Do you have any egress rate limiting settings on the port and have you used iperf to test the port speed independent of the internet spped?

no rate limiting settings set and is there any info on how to do the iperf test?

found a problem a t a workstation looping the network, thanks all