SpeakUp: A New Undetected Backdoor Linux Trojan

A friend just shared this with me; just passing it along:

This is a really weak write up by Checkpoint. Who makes a chart without a second data point? Also the attack vector is an exploit in a CMS system called http://www.5none.com/ of which I do not believe is very widely used.


Good point, Tom. Does Check Point normally do better job reporting? I was disappointed that there was no mention of methods to detect (they obviously did) and remove.

Their solution is simple, buy their magic box and put it in front of your application. The reality is that this is more just a content piece than a real in depth find. And the people running some obscure CMS system that has not been updated in a few years are likely to be the same people who pay for a CheckPoint firewall.


My magic box is pfSense.

I stopped reading at the Conclusion. Didn’t notice the ad for their services. Sorry for the post, it sounded important.

Does the CheckPoint magic box have blinky lights. You know the more blinky lights the better it works. Yeah sarcasm.

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