Sources for buying CAT6 cable (Mainly UTP CMR)

Hi all,
Where are you guys/gals getting your cable from? I am looking for a reliable supplier that can offer quality CAT6 CMR UTP 500-550mhz cable with spline mainly, but I do use outdoor-rated as well, but less than 1,000ft/year.

I am having more trouble than I expected finding a replacement to the Monoprice cable that I was buying. Quality is a much larger concern of mine over the price. I live in and around small towns so online is preferred.

I forgot to mention, I have a box of Honeywell/Genesis 5092 ordered with high hopes for it. As anyone had any experience with this product?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A few places, such as and Amazon are still the go to places.

I’ve been buying a lot of stuff from Cables and Kits lately

Trying to remember where we used to buy all our Belden cable, it was a wholesale place in New Jersey and good when you needed several thousand feet at time. They carried everything so we used to by Triax and audio cable from them too. Sitting long enough and I’m pretty sure this is the place, but they seem to have added a lot of “stuff”

For fiber optic cables, I normally go to Fiberdyne You can get pre-terminated fiber bundles to your length for pretty reasonable prices (or at least the last time I had to put in some fiber).

Thank you guys for the resources, ADI is where I ordered the 5092 from, and have been happy with their customer service so far and their prices are extremely reasonable so let’s see how I like the Genesis cables

I’ll give these other websites a lookin