"source" Issues in pfSense Firewall Rules

Hello all

I am new to pfSense and have got a lot out of your videos on YT…

Under Firewall< Rules<Edit in the source drop down box I dont have the option of “.net” as a suffix. Please see attached images. Have I done something stupid upstream.
I am trying to setup my first vlan…
Many thanks in advance.


I don’t understand what you think is missing.

All the films I have seen have “LAN.net” as an option on the source dropdown…

I am wondering if I have done something wrong in not seeing this as an option…

Given I dont see it what should I choose in it’s place…?

They change the word from NET to addresses.

Many thanks - I very much have my pfSense stabilisers/training wheels on…

Very grateful for your films and speedy response on this forum…

Out of interest would I be able to hire Lawrence Services from the UK or due you only look after US clients…?

As above in the latest version , changed description to subnets

We do work globally, head over to our site if you want to hire us.


I have just created two vlans and they are not showing on the bottom section on Status>DHCP leases page.
FWIW I am still running the now deprecated ISC DHCP server…

Apololgies in advance if this is another newbie/numpty error…

They only show if they have leases and there is not a need for a screenshot of each issue. Also, so I can better answer the questions start with what the goal is first because I am not completely certain what you are trying to achieve when you only state the problem.

I do have a video going over how to setup VLANs on pfsense here that might help:

Tom. Good morning and belated happy Thanksgiving…

This is what I am trying to achieve.

I have a garage which has the following connection requirements.

  1. CCTV which will be on TPLink TL-SG108PE on vlan40
  2. Wifi via Draytek AP903 which will be on vlan30

The AP903 and TL-SG108PE are situated in the garage.

(My cctv cameras use the 4x POE ports on the TL-SG108PE. The AP903 is in one of the non POE ports)

In my office I have Netgate SG1100 feeding a TL-SG105PE and then in turn the TL-SG108PE in my garage.

(I can ping my vlans from laptop.)

I think my issue on looking at forums is that I have not correctly configured my TL-SG105PE/ TL-SG108PE.

Hope this helps to describe my networking quest.

Many thanks once again.


My video covers pfsense VLAN setup, but I don’t have any guides for the Draytek or TPLink