Sophos XG vs Pfsense

Hello all, newby here new to the forums.

I want to build a firewall and i’m still torn between pfsense, untangle and sophos.

At first i liked untangle cause it seemed good for noobs. But the price tag has me leaning away. I don’t need any web filtering at my home. Especially now after Lawrence review seeing they don’t even include wireguard in home version, although thats not something I desperately need. But it also seems threat detection and virus scanning are also not included in home version?

Now i’m leaning towards sophos and pfsense. I hear sophos is better for newbs and pfsense is more complicated because of the ui? Supposedly sophos blocks everything by default which makes it safer to install but more a pain to set up.

Any thoughts?

I still use pfsense as my go to firewall for people who don’t need filtering.


If you dont want much of filtering then pfsense is easy to deploy. Dont worry much about UI, its pretty straight forward, follow Tom’s Video and you will be done setting you your pfsense in no time.

I heard sophos is good too and if you want to do some filtering its laid out in a easy way. But if you are not planing at filtering then go with pfsense,

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