Sophos XG Bridge mode problems

I recently learned about Sophox XG while trying to find solutions to an alternative IPS system as my Unifi USG3 will not provide the speeds I need if enabled. I did my first installation on Hyper-V using their ISO which seemed to work - I had my laptop connected to the internet while plugged into the LAN port of the Sophos fire wall and then the WAN port of the firewall to a switch (so not connected to the router yet). I then connected the WAN to the LAN port of my router (Sophos was configured for bridge mode with the proper network config) and it did not seem to work - even the WAN interface on the management browser was down (configured to , same as the router). I haven’t touched the rules or policies, it was right after installation.

I then reinstalled using the Hyper-V virtual disk I realized I was supposed to use. However after installation, I cannot connect to the internet on my laptop physically connected to the LAN port of Sophos, and the WAN port connected to the switch like I used to. Same situation when the WAN port is connected to the LAN port of my router.

Sorry if this sounds confusing. It is my first time using an external firewall, I am just a little frustrated but it’s likely I am doing something wrong.

Any ideas?