Some love for Netgear ;-)

I know in this forum, Netgear switches don’t get much love, prior to covid they weren’t too expensive, their GUI is out of the 90’s and trying to load a certificate to get https working can be a fate worse than death.

However, on their Pro range, they have a lifetime hardware warranty, in the UK sudden heatwave my fans packed up. Raised an RMA on Thursday and a new replacement arrived on Monday ! If I needed to replace this 48 port switch it would cost me more than 75% more than I paid for 5 years ago!

Anyone looking for a main switch in their home, it might be worth the consideration.

Not just home. If you are a media creation, music recording, or post production facility (small), their AV Line offer some very nice features with the click of a mouse. To get configured for NDI or Dante (or both), you can just click in the GUI to make all the changes needed (or manually configure if you wish).

The GUI has been improved in these switches by a lot. They have a management http port and a console port, and you can get them in 60-90 watt POE++ for high draw PTZ cameras. These prices do compete with other high level switches, but for certain applications worth having. They are one of the suggested switches for new Tricaster buyers, because of the ease of configuration.

Scaling up and their products start to pale. The do not have a model that has proper stacking to give the throughput that I need to my entire stack, best you can do is daisy chain them together which isn’t really the same as a stack. I don’t think their high end stuff offers a fabric mode, which may not be for everyone (including me).

They have created some impressive wifi 6E mesh products.

I’m using Netgear switches in my home network. Probably worth mentioning Netgear stuff pretty regularly goes on healthy sales as well.

Actually have been monitoring amazon in the UK, in the last couple of years the supplies have been woeful and the pro models don’t fall too much, their Plus models do however, but I try not to get those.