[SOLVED] Xcp-ng/XO assign static ip to interface

I would like to assign a static ip to one of my xcpng hosts in XO so that I can connect directly to my truenas box. Both the xcp and truenas have mellanox 40gbe connectx-3 cards installed. I don’t have a 40gbe switch so I wanted to just do peer to peer. I can easily assign a static ip in truenas but I don’t seem to be able to easily do it in XO. I did look at networking documentation on XO website but the only mention of setting an ip was in the mesh network for 3 high availability hosts. Thank you for your help in advance!

I am not clear on your ask, you have a TrueNAS VM inside of XCP-NG that you want to set to static? If so they you would set that inside the VM.

I have a physical box with truenas with a 40gig mellanox card where I set up a static IP. And I have a separate physical box with xcpng with another 40gig card but I can’t set an ip for xcpng in xo. I’d like to do that to make a direct connection between the two because I don’t have a switch. I don’t see a way to set a static ip to the 40gig interface in xcpng/xo. Thanks!

In XO go to the host and choose the network tab then change the mode on the interface from None to Static and then site the IP.

Thank you Tom! That was too easy! Pretty embarrassing…

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@LTS_Tom, In order to use TrueNAS as an NFS remote for XCP-NG in this situation, to use it for automated backups, was there any other configuration? I have the static IP assigned in the host for that interface, and I have the interface added to the XOA VM, but when I try to configure the NFS remote I get a network unreachable error.

I can ping each host fine, but it seems NFS doesnt have the route. Are these backups done through the XOA VM or via the XCP-ng host itself ? If its the XOA host, perhaps I need to make sure it also has a static IP on that subnet as well as the host and the truenas server? I don’t remember seeing you do any of this extra config though. Thoughts are appreciated!

For anyone else dealing with this, I ended up needing to go into the XOA VM and manually assigning a static IP to the interface which was direct connected to the TrueNAS server (so both the XCP-NG host and the VM have a static IP on that subnet). I guess since DHCP is not running, XCP-NG did not understand how to raise that connection on the host. Maybe I missed this in the documentation somewhere.