[SOLVED] Wake on Lan reference made in one of your videos

Hi @LTS_Tom ,

Great work on your new home studio, you’ve done a superb job there - and I see the website has a face lift as well, looking very slick.

I just wondered, in one of your recent shows with Jay, you mentioned using WoL to shut down a machine - did you mis-speak or is that a thing? I thought that WoL could only be used to start up, however tech isn’t my primary area of expertise.



Must have mispoke, it can be used to wake up a computer, not shut it down.

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Thank you Tom, I thought it had an unknown use for a second. You’re more than welcome to delete this post if you wish to tidy up your forum :+1:

You can use remote commands to shut down a computer:

There is at least one more way, but not finding it right now. In general there is/was a way that servers could issue a shutdown to other computers on the network. This has been used to safely shutdown servers all connected to the same UPS, one server monitors and the rest get a remote command. I’ve never played with this so some research would be needed.

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Thank you for that Greg.

I’m sort of covered for Windows, I just thought there might be a method of shutting down my TrueNAS without logging into the web browser. I was just curious really.