[SOLVED] Unifi video recorder capacity (compute)

Hi @LTS_Tom ,

I hope you’re well and good, really been appreciating your TrueNAS related videos as of late :+1:

On another topic, I’ve always taken heed of your advice on the abilities of the CloudGen+ and how many cameras it can cope with. You’ve said in the past it’s good for around 6 average quality cameras. I’ve got a friend who would like to get 5 x 4K AI Pro cameras - do you think he’ll need to get the “UBIQUITI UniFi Protect Network Video Recorder (UNVR)” instead?

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Use the Unifi calculator


They have a capacity calculator that you can use

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@Paul haha, great minds thing alike, posted at the same time.

Cheers @LTS_Tom & @Paul , I did try that before bothering anyone.

It does conflict a bit with Ubiquiti themselves, for example it won’t let you add more than 5 4K cameras, and yet that itself doesn’t exceed 50% computer. Also, once they’re added, you can’t add more without the slider reducing the number of 4K cameras :thinking:


It is probably down to the size of the videos , 4k being the largest size and the size of the storage on the device

Plus the amount of days you want stored on the device

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Thank you Paul :+1:

I think the CloudKey+ can take a 6TB drive, I think with some tweaking that should give enough time. The main thing I don’t want is the recorder to stutter or be too sluggish. I would hope when it’s only using 50% compute capacity it won’t.

I just don’t want to get it and then regret and have to get the bigger boy :thinking:

If you do not have the CloudGen+ , and do not want the other functions - I would go straight to the NVR gives you expansion for the future


Thanks very much Paul.