SOLVED: PIA VPN will not start back up after reboot

WAN was recently down due to destroyed fiber. The fiber got replaced and now VPN is down…

I tried restarting the OpenVPN service but that didn’t resolve the down issue.

Resetting table States did not bring the client on/up.

I tried rebooting. No luck there either.

Nothing has changed except the WAN was down for two days, and now back on with new fiber cable.

2.4.5-RELEASE on bare metal.

restore your last config settings

I tried that too. PIA client still down.

I’ve confirmed that PIA vpn is up. My PIA account is also in good standing.

PIA changed their server URL!

You can setup a couple of VPN clients then combine them in a gateway group, if one client goes down the others will still remain up, you won’t drop a connection but you’ll need to login to see if all the clients are up.

Smart! I didn’t know that.

I need to search but curious if PFSense can notify when a client goes down.