[solved] pfSense: open port to address behind vpn

I am trying to understand how port forward works on pfSense.

With the standard configuration I have no issue, so I have wanted to rise the difficulty, putting the test vm into a vlan (232) that uses nordvpn as gateway.

I want to open the port 80 on the pc with internal ip
External IP is 194.x.x.225 (nordvpn address)

NAT → Port forward

WAN fw rule

Windows PC with IP

it has been configured following the guide on their website and it is assigned only to the vlan 232

fw rule to set the vpn gateway

I have already tried to many combinations (even changing the port number or set UDP) but no one worked, where am I doing wrong?

Per their documentation Nord DOES NOT support that:

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Thank you, as usual the solution was under my nose… :sweat_smile: