[SOLVED] pfSense. DNS issues with v. 2.4.5?

I installed the last pfsense version 2.4.5 on one of my old pcs desktop and even on my netbook, but I run across some DNS issues, I reckon.

The old 2.4.4 on my PC desktop worked flawlessly; but I don’t know what is wrong with the new version now.

In my pfsense machine, I can’t ping and do some dnslookup, and I even can download packages from packet Manager, so it gets internet connection somehow.

I plugged an AP/switch to my pfsense LAN port, I connected my cell to it via wifi, but I can’go to the internet. I found out thanks to an ping APP that I can ping IP address ( but I can’t do any DNS lookup.
So, I thought that there might be some DNS issue with my pfsense.
Could you please help me figure it up?



I checked the Hardware Checksum “BASTARD” Offloading option (“Disable hardware checksum offload”, and it now works like a charm.