[SOLVED] Easy question about Unifi protect, cameras, network (small scale setup)

Hi all,

Just a little question, it will sound stupid but after looking at the Unifi website, I can’t quite get my head around it.

I’m intending to use Unifi for wifi and thought that it might be good to get a few cameras from them too, probably only 3-4 cameras.

I do like the “UniFi Protect G3 Instant Camera” for instance, mentioned and shown on yesterdays live stream, but am I correct in thinking that if a small handful of cameras are being used, the “UniFi Cloud Key Plus” can be used? And this can also be used to manage the wifi network? I have one NanoHD and so far just ‘played’ with it, by installing the network app on a Windows 10 machine. It’s very good.

Also, I thought there was a subscription required, but I can’t find any details of that cost, only people complain about it (it is high).

Thank you!


The UniFi cloud key gen 2 plus model can run both the UniFi Protect video software (only supporting a few cameras) and the UniFi controller software. There are not subscription fees, but UniFi does require registration.

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Thank you Tom, really appreciate clarification and sorry again to trouble you. Keep up the good work :+1:

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