[SOLVED] Easy question about Unifi protect, cameras, network (small scale setup)

Hi all,

Just a little question, it will sound stupid but after looking at the Unifi website, I can’t quite get my head around it.

I’m intending to use Unifi for wifi and thought that it might be good to get a few cameras from them too, probably only 3-4 cameras.

I do like the “UniFi Protect G3 Instant Camera” for instance, mentioned and shown on yesterdays live stream, but am I correct in thinking that if a small handful of cameras are being used, the “UniFi Cloud Key Plus” can be used? And this can also be used to manage the wifi network? I have one NanoHD and so far just ‘played’ with it, by installing the network app on a Windows 10 machine. It’s very good.

Also, I thought there was a subscription required, but I can’t find any details of that cost, only people complain about it (it is high).

Thank you!


The UniFi cloud key gen 2 plus model can run both the UniFi Protect video software (only supporting a few cameras) and the UniFi controller software. There are not subscription fees, but UniFi does require registration.


Thank you Tom, really appreciate clarification and sorry again to trouble you. Keep up the good work :+1:

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