[Solved] Client Needs to Run 5 Displays: Radeon Pro Graphics

Our company has a client that requires running 5 displays. Two weeks ago we purchased and installed this card in his system:

It has been working, but after upgrading him from 4GB to 8GB of RAM, I am only able to get two of the displays to work. I have tried re-installing the graphics driver, but no luck. This is frustrating because we have also tried using an RX550 in combination with an MST hub, but were never able to get more than 4 displays to work.

Does anyone have any advice? And what setup would you use to power 5 or more displays?

This is a way interesting issue. bonus that it sounds like an interesting rig

I have a couple of questions, is the card getting enough power & does the card work correctly by removing the new RAM? Not sure if this is the case, would be great if we could get some specs on the system to get a better understanding. Since it worked fine with the memory at 4 GB I wonder if the board just can’t pass the power over to the card. Just a thought, hope that helps.

From the vendor:

If you want to make sure this isn’t a software issue, you can use DDU to really fully clean out the driver software.

Awesome, I will give it a try. Thanks!

I haven’t been able to test the RAM yet, I don’t have access to the clients computer rn.

It was an HP machine, but was upgraded. It has an FX-4300 with a generic Asus board(I can’t remember what it is). It had a 300w power supply.

Can anyone confirm that the Radeon Pro WX2100 can run in a dual/crossfire configuration?

Fixed the issue. Built client new machine using dual Radeon Pro WX 2100’s.