[solved] 10g sfp+ card shows up in lspci, but not showing up in interface list

I recently purchased a series of " HP | 614203-B21 | NC552SFP | 10Gb 2-port PCI Express x8 Ethernet Server Adapter" cards to use. First time working with SFP/10g and I am really looking forward to the upgrade. Unfortunatly, XCP-ng is not showing the cards as interfaces when i list them with ip a. When I use lspci, I see that the cards are in, and that they are listed as ethernet devices. They dont show up, even after a reboot.

The cards show up as “emulex corporation oneconnect 10gb nic (be3)” which is listed as having some problems on the xcp-ng wiki, but those problems are more related to performance vs detection as far as I can tell.

I was able to get it working.
following some combination of the steps here and here got it to show up.
changed it to my main interface and everything is working well.

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