Does anyone here try to win bids/solicitations from public postings?

I see it as opportunity and I attempt it. Most scopes I look at are gov.

Is it work it though. From what I can see in my area, it looks like the companies requesting these RFPs already have a provider in mind and just need 3 or more bids. One of them I thought I was going to get, was a $50k project. Went to another vendor/provider for less than $10k out of another state.

You have to consider you time answering the RFP and your success rate at winning the bid. Then you have to decide if it’s worth it to wait for months to get paid.


Sort of bumping this, as I found another development.

Responded to a bid request for hardware. We gave all information and were among about 14 other companies. The bid closed, a week later it was turned over as no award. Then, I saw yesterday the same name bid request come in. It started apparently at 3PM the day before, and then closed at 11:59PM that night. The first thing next morning, it was awarded to a company that wasn’t even on the previous bid, for over $1k more than most of the bids in the first request. Is this normal? Is this even legal to do? It looked like it went to a friend or someone they knew.

You are fighting a loosing battle. Forget the bidding wars they are mostly for show.