Solarwinds - Web Protection

Anyone else having issues with the web protection product included in Solarwinds RMM tool? For the most part it seems to work ok, however, we have had more and more false positives that even whitelisting does not correct. My last support call with Solarwinds advised me on how to identify and whitelist any CDNs websites are using but I still seem to get issues with users getting the block page (https cert error) for sites that are whitelisted and do not use a CDN. Most common are Bank of America and Quickbooks online along with others. Support informed me that I should not block the dead sites and parked domain categories since those could be causing an increased amount of false positives. Anyone else with similar experiences or any tips on web protection?

Yes agreed, we have whitelisted a few sites and rhey still get blocked, guessing crappy web developers who have had compromised sites most of the time