SolarWinds vs synology backup

I’m currently using SolarWinds backup for my clients. It’s is excellent but also expensive. It is costing me $600/mo.
What if I just switch to using a small synology box to backup their systems and subscribe to synology c2 cloud for $60/year to upload the backup to the cloud?

What do you all think?

The Synology Active Backup is great and works very well, but until Synology has a central way to view all the backups for all the systems it’s a no go for us. We have too many clients and having all their backups in one dashboard to check them is essential to making sure they are all working.

What about Synology Active Insight?

Does not give you system backup status.

Roger that. Bummer.


what about C2 Backup for Business?

Not to beat a dead horse but it has a dashboard for all your devices.

Are you doing file level or system level backups? If file level, Backblaze is likely as cheap as you can get.

Yes, I have been talking to Synology about that, it’s not exactly the same as their “Active Backup” but it is another option we are exploring. C2 Backup has more fees attached to it. but it might be less than the N-Able backups. They are actively working on the monitoring part of it and per their site (the link you posted) “Active Monitoring” is still “Coming Soon”

Active Backup works for a few machines but I found that it needed more horse power for more than a few systems. I still backup to a Synology, just using Veeam and then I offsite to another Synology using HyperBackup over a ZeroTier network. It has been up running great for a while now.