Solarwinds Take Control On Linux?

I’m really curious if anyone has ever gotten Take Control from Solarwinds working on Linux. I’m increasingly wanting to migrate back to Linux. (I was a fulltime Linux user years ago but left for things like Quickbooks and photoshop) Take Control is my only roadblock. Install runs fine but it never launched from the dashboard when trying to take control.

I have never got it working, I use a Windows VM when I need to get use it.

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Thanks Tom,

I figured this was the case and it’s where I’m headed.

your videos are great btw, awesome advise in every video I’ve watched, thanks for your time and dedication to the community

Our MSP uses TakeControl as well and I have access into our company assets with in the system. I’ve had a few issues with getting connected and other issues. I’ve defaulted back to using Connectwise a few times. It seems to work better and works well on Windows and Linux.

I also found out this week our MSP is moving away from Solarwinds to the Connectwise platform.

Like LTS_Tom I too have never got it to work right.