Solarwinds Pop OS

I run Pop OS on my work laptop and use Solarwinds for my MSP software. I am having trouble with using remote support on my laptop. I always have to access my XCP-ng Windows 10 VM to be able to do remote support.
For those who use Pop OS/Ubuntu and Solarwinds, how did you get the remote support to work?

It has been a while since I tried it, but the MSP Anywhere did not work in Linux for me. Mostly I use screenconnect or my VirtualBox Windows 10 install.

Same problem here. It did always work on my fedora install but i also recently switched to Pop_OS and i can’t get take control to run… Hope somebody here knows what/how to do.

I use Screenconnect for non-MSP clients to do remote access, but I find it easier to use the built in MSP Anywhere remote tool for my MSP clients.
I’ll talk with my Engineer at Solarwinds and see what he says.