Solarwinds N-Central Patch Status v2

Hi fellow LTS MSP’s!

This is a question for those of us that use Solarwinds N-Central for their client RMM and for their patch management.

We get the dreaded alert for “Patch Status v2” come up every few weeks and then must then manually deploy patches to fix it the status error, sometimes the system is fully patched but the error persists due to some kind of filtering that is or isn’t applied to patch deployment.

I know the system is sold as a “saving you time and making you more efficient” but in all honesty, we spend more time on the admin of the system than we spend fixing actual problems.

All our desktop and server patching is on full auto, we would rather patch and break than not patch.

Does anyone have any advice on their patching using Solarwinds? Was there any resource that you found really useful?


Sorry I missed this when you first posted it. I’ve been using NCentral for about a year. I’m not real happy with patch management of Windows 10 boxes either. All I can tell you is to put in a ticket for each little thing that comes up. Then after a week or so if it’s becoming a time suck, call up your rep and see if you can get someone on the phone that knows what they are doing.

With that said, I switched from LabTech because after 3 months of working with their tech support they said they thought they figured out what the patching issue was and thought it would be fixed in the next release that would be out in 3-6 months. I had clients that couldn’t wait, so I switched to NCentral. NCentral didn’t have those problems, but hasn’t been as easy as it was sold as either. Add to that, the Azure hosting costs are higher than they told me they would be so I’m really not in love with the platform, I just haven’t found anything better.

Hey Mike, Like you I have logged a lot of tickets with support, moaned at my account manager, got some senior support technician to trouble shoot with me, figured it all out… or so I thought.

A few weeks later the same thing starts happening again, the patch status keep coming back. It’s really frustrating to have to manually approve patches.

I guess we are both in the same boat, haven’t found anything better.

Wish you the best!

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