Software solutions for documenting technical details

Hello there good people,
As i mentioned in some posts made in another sections, I have a project ongoing.
Involves a networking structure, video -audio transmission and some in house developed solutions.
Now, we all know how valuable is a good documentation and how convenient it is to be easily availble and easy to read and all.
So, I ask: What solutions are out there for writing a documentation and explain all technical details?

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Try Xwiki or Mediawiki.

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Thanks a lot!
Somehow XWiki caught my eye. Will try on a Linode instance, to see how it fares.
Will provide some feedback.

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I’ll try this too haha Thanks!

Mediawiki has just released v1.35, which I’ve been waiting for as it now Visual Editor it handles images though it was impossible to install as an add-on, at least for me.
Additionally I’ve found updating or add-on to be unbelievably difficult, ironically their documentation is terrible.

I started to look at xwiki but that too is a herculean effort to install outside of docker. Those projects are on hold for the time being :woozy_face:


What’s wrong with just using a docker image?

I would guess nothing wrong with Docker, though I’m not familiar with the ecosystems of containers, dockers, Kubernetes et al … been using virtualisation for the last 20 years so am comfortable with it … I get you can share the kernel however I don’t need to optimise my resources. Plus the effort to get up to speed with it all coupled with doing everything else.

A thousand thanks for your suggestion.It was what I needed and what I imagined .
You don’t know how much you saved my day.

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Looks like you’ve found your solution.

When you go to phase 2 you might want to have a look at this is the solution the Portainer documentation is using, thought it looks pretty good for a single type solution.

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