Software for Windows 11 deployment?

What are some choices that people are using to deploy Windows 11 in a small enterprise situation?

I’ve recently become aware that the previous Microsoft ADK + MDT is deprecated and “doesn’t work” with recent Win11 releases (there are some fixes, maybe).

And Win11 doesn’t work in the traditional [create image → sysprep image -->capture image → use WDS to deploy image] I’ve been using this with win10.

In theory I want to image at least once a year to clean out what students might do to the computers, it’s often faster to image than to clean them out. Campus wide this is how things are done (yes I know, Intune and or Autopilot).

I’ve looked at FOG, it’s a thick image like I’m currently using, but it doesn’t seem to work with secure boot, which I’d like to keep using and might be a requirement for win11 (not sure, haven’t started fooling with it yet).

I could walk around with a USB drive and DISM each machine, but that’s a huge hassle.

As far as I know, Clonezilla doesn’t work with secure boot either.

Any options that people are using for an “offline” deployment situation? I don’t have access to SCCM or any of the other MS cloud tools that are part of our E3 or E5 contract (I don’t remember which one we have).

You should be able to use the Win10 boot.wim to install Win11 via WDS. Have you tried that?

Thanks, I’ll give it a try. Microsoft suggests that 23h2 will no longer boot under a win10 boot.wim, and that the MDT from 2020 will no longer be able to deploy these files either. I haven’t really dug into the issues and come up with a plan, but with only 1.5 years left I need to find time to deal with this.

I also need to look into FOG being able to serve images over secure boot, there are some hacks and that might get me a few features that I could use to roll out software. It’s not vanilla which kind of bothers me, but might be what I need to do in the end to keep what little sanity I have left. I still have far too many applications that don’t really survive sysprep, which means I have a lot of time spent after imaging to get the system up and running. In a classroom where I can get 4+ computers all doing things at once, it goes pretty fast, but I also have a bunch that are not in a classroom.

There is also a Friends of MDT group that have written many of the functions in powershell to get around the deprecated VBS and keep win11 functioning. I just wish Microsoft would have looked out for us little guys with local systems and not push so much of the needed functions out to the cloud and recurring payments.