So much wireless IoT coverage

I know that people do not like to read… and long posts typically do not get quality responses… but what I have here is a typical “level up” home-lab or SOHO configuration. I hope you can help.

I’m not sure if I start with I have a flat network or I have too many mixed purpose devices on my wireless network. Both are true and the reason I’m doing a network redesign but the problem is there are so many choices and while I like the ubiquiti brand their customer support is terrible and the documentation is worse.

  • My firewall/NAT is provided by an EdgeRouter X. I’ve added VLAN rules per one of the LS videos (THANKS).
  • I have 3 unmanaged switches based on the location and density of hardware… with 3 unify 8-port on the way
  • my wireless is an amplify HD in bridge mode so I lose all VLAN capability and it’s an all or none device… so I have a Flex HD on order that seems to have multiple WLAN/VLAN capability but I cannot confirm
  • lastly I am running my two WAN connections in HA instead of LB modes. LB is too unreliable and not a real bonded interface… The cost of my second ISP for a year is much more than an unify LTE backup but there is no information if this or how to make this work with my edgerouter X.

In closing; the ubiquiti system seems to rely on the unify software which seems like a lot of horsepower for a small network. And I’m struck by a separate UNMS and no docker installation.