Snort update breaks it?

I saw there was an update available for snort (in pfSense) and applied the update. Now neither snort, nor ntopng will run. I can manually start ntopng, but within about 10-15 seconds it stops again. Anyone having similar issues with the snort update?

Are you on the latest version of pfsense? If not update to it so the package updates work.

It’s up to date. Currently on 2.7.0, and that has been in since it was released. I know 2.7.1 updated, but that (as far as I know) isn’t a release version and so isn’t showing for me to update. Did they make the snort update to work with 2.7.1 and it doesn’t care for 2.7.0? I can go to .1 if that’ll get it working.

Same here, but found this on the Netgate Forum explaining.

Ah, ok. That makes sense and there is a workaround listed in the post.

I really need to set up an account on the Netgate forum and check it regularly.

FYI to anyone wondering - new snort update today fixes the issue.