Snagit Linux Alternative

Was wondering if anyone knows of a Linux alternative to Snagit which only runs on windows ?

The particular feature I am looking for is the ability to capture a scrolling webpage, most tools I have seen on Linux only allow a screenshot, hence requires several screen captures for a full page.


Not a desktop program, but if you’re using Firefox, the built-in screen capture tool is actually pretty good. It can capture the full web page as well as individual divs and css boxes.

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+s

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Oh that’s a good tip @edisondotme thanks I like that.

Generally have been using shutter but still on the look out for a Linux application.

Sorry, I know this is a super old thread but I’ve been going back through old topics and thought I’d drop a recommendation for Flameshot. Great SnagIt-esque screenshot tool with lots of integrated markup tools. I think Chris Titus recommended it in one of his videos and I haven’t looked at other options since then because Flameshot works so well for my needs.

I use flameshot too, but I wish you could write text. I wish there was something like Greenshot for Linux.

Thanks I’ll try it out.

Some webpages with multiple frames seem to be tricky to get a scrolling screenshot, Snagit is still difficult to match on Linux.

Try Shutter it works well and you can click on the paint roller icon to annotate the screenshot in a number of ways

I’ve used shutter, ok for screenshots but either I couldn’t find the option to capture a scrolling webpage or it doesn’t have it.