Smallest Unifi Switch That Does STP

So my fun experience this week was a loop on a cheap Netgear switch- client unplugged an Ethernet cable from the back of a PC… of course, cables are evil and should not be seen, so what to do with the dangling cable? Of course, you plug the free end into the same switch.

Needless to say, it took seven hours of my time to find this (we couldn’t even find the switch).

I’d like to replace all of these switches with small Unifi switches that do STP. What is the smallest Unifi switch model that supports STP? I have a FlexMini that does not as best I can tell.

Per UniFi it’s available on all models, but I am not certain that is true.

OK- yeah, I just found a client that I forgot has a few USW-8-60W switches and they have STP on them.

The USW-Flex-Mini definitely does not, and I’m on the latest firmware, so I was confused.