Small Business : Synology C2 question

Hi All,

Im going to post a very limited beginning to this just in case no one has any input, happy to flesh it out a bit if people are interested in helping.

I now look after a very small company here in the UK, I have taken them from a Single Micro HP server running 2008 Essencials and all their services with no backups, to a DL380 G8 running Hyper-V and 2016 Datacenter with VMs running services and applications.

I have a Synology DS1517+ running their backups, 2 PCs, 4 Hyper-V VM Backups, and 1 Data share Mirror. This is about 4TB of data after de-dupe. The Data share is 670GB and needs to also be offsite. Looking at just using Synology C2 and running the Data shares up to that. Does anyone have experience on using C2 that i can pick their brains on how it would work in my scenario

I need to know how the entire process works. I ran a test over night and Hyper backup didnt even get to uploading anything, it was still processing at 100GB

Hopefully someone has insight on how i works

I did a video on Synology C2 here and we now have moved lots of clients over to it.

The video was really helpful Tom, and was always the first place i check for questions before posting. Maybe i should watch it again as i still had questions at the end … I probably missed it as i was listening whilst driving.

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We use C2 to backup our small 2 person business. We only have a tad under 300 GB up in C2.
We only have a 1000/50 connection, with a 40/10 fail-over, so we did it in stages adding 20 to 30 GB at a time. Took about a week or so to get it up.
We added encryption to ours, but the winning feature for us was being able to de-crypt in the C2 dashboard in case the NAS ever failed.
Ask away if you want to know anything

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