Slowly backup with XOA and NFS

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Please help me with the following problem that I can’t solve.
I have 3 xen server 7.2 servers in a pool connected by a common ISCSI storage. Everything is managed by XOA. The management ports are connected on 1 Gb cards and the iscsi on 10 Gb cards. The problem is that the backup of virtual machines takes a long time and is slow. Average transfer on nfs (raid 10 combined 10Gb) is done at 25 MB/s. which is terribly slow for me. What should I do, how to configure xoa or xen server differently to speed up the backup of virtual machines.
Thanks in advance for your help. ISCSI (raid 10 sas 10k)

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The backups go through the XO instance so make sure using a tool such as iperf3 it can talk at the full 10G. The next limitation is the speed of the source drives and the NFS storage target & the CPU speed of the host systems. I get 45-60 MiB/s with a fully 10G storage network (we don’t have any 1G links) network running on my AMD Ryzen 9 5900X systems.

Also depends how fast you array is. If its flash then it might do better. If you set your array up in a 1+0 (mirrors and stripped across multiple mirrors) then performance will be higher. But if you have spinning rust (HDD’s) in a raid 6 then it wont be that great. if you use something like TrueNAS you can install a high performance optane drive as a write cache.

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Speed up backup of virtual machines by: upgrading network cards to 10 Gb; optimizing NFS configuration; using multiple streams; compressing data before transfer; considering alternative backup methods. Test changes in non-production environment.