Slow xoa console


Recently I’ve been noticing my xoa console view under the vm is god awefully slow to load. Watching tom’s videos made me realise how bad it is.

Is there any reason this may be happening?

I’m running xcp-ng on an r710 with 24 gigs of ram and 2 e5520’s

I’ve gon xoa runing on the server, but I’m thinking of moving xoa to a dedicated machine?

any help would be great. Thanks!

What does the CPU usage show on the VM itself?

hey tom,

Its about 16-30% utilization. it’s got 12 cores and 8gb of ram. I’ve set the cpu weight as high as possible aswell as dom0

My system is a dual X5670 @ 2.93GHz and the VM has 8 cores and 1gb allocated to it. I think it’s that the issue might just be that your processor is much slower.

How full is the hard drive? When I originally built my Xen Orchestra server I made it too small so the hard drive kept getting full to about 10% it was very slow! I expanded the virtual drive and its been fine since!

Thanks tom. I will look to be upgrading my CPU’s soon

I’ve got 300gb free. I think it may just be an old server. Thanks for the help!