"Slow Connection" with UniFi UNVR and Consols

I have been noticing, that multiple networks that I manage, shows the “orange globe” symbol with any UniFi network I log into, whether that be the UNVR or Cloud Key G2 and G2+ when connected to a PFsense router. all of my other clients who have a UniFi router shows a “green globe” when connected. is there a setting in PFsense that maybe slowing the connection to the UniFi hardware?

Expand ‘that multiple networks that I manage’ are these remove devices ?

Please expand on the network setup

I manage multiple network sites for multiple clients. the photo shows the “orange globe” symbol for one of my clients that sits behind a PFsense router. the UniFi side of that network is just a few switches, and AP’s with a CK G2. I have other sites, that are similar and all sit behind a PFsense router with the same “orange globe”. I dont notice any slow connection issues when I connect to the various unifi consoles.

Probably your cables or faulty hardware

Are you using pfblocker, Snort, or Suricata?

snort and suricata at three locations ( no blocking, just monitoring for P2P traffic), but nothing at the fourth pfsense install location.