Site to site VPN between pfsense and Untangle

Looking at setting up a site to site vpn between family homes so I can support / manage a family member’s kit when they have problems.

OpenVPN I assume would be the better route over ipsec? Alternatively I’ll do a OpenVPN option from the untangle and use my laptop to estabilish a connection when required etc.

Sophos XG might be reinstalled, I think options there are SSL and IPSEC

I think it personal preference. I would use ipsec because it simple. Maybe wireguard if untangled supports it.

For pfsense to Utangle wireguard should work.

Hi Tom,

Sorry only got the Home subscription, not the pro. Pro required for wire guard.

Untangle Home went in as I have a spare license and kids etc.

Opted for an IPsec setup in the end and it’s much fast managing the unit rather than via Untangle’s command centre dashboard etc.

Next up, policies to control Xbox and YouTube usage over night.

Need to explore reports more too, would like to create a report that shows usage between 23:00 - 06:00

Just stick the children on their own vlan and use a schedule to turn off the internet for them.

I would if it was my house and my kit. I’ve loaned / perm-loaned the firewall unit, I’m sadly not about to start putting in switches with vlan capabities from my kit.

So using the tag method / dhcp reservation at moment, which is working.