Site to Site Pfsense to USG

I am slowly migrating from USG to PFSense. I was trying to do this with IPsec tunnel, I have Been able to get the phase1 working using the following settings. However hen looking at the Phase 2 entries i am unable to get the tunnel to work. Is there something obvious that i am missing?

The odd part is that on service reboot of IPSec I am able to see the Phase2 entry and it doesn’t appear to be passing traffic, then after about an hour or disconnecting the Phase 2. They do not reconnect. For the time being the Firewall rule for IPSec is pass any From * to * .

I have tried checking and unchecking multiple options for the Phase 2 encryption algorithms with no luck.
Unifi Configuration has been tried in the new UI and the old UI.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

Solved this… By implementing another PF Sense firewall at the other site. :slight_smile: