Site to site OpenVPN ping but nothing else

This is my first VPN setup so be kind, I have 2 pfsense boxes at separate locations I have setup the vpn as per Tom’s video
“# How To Setup A Peer to Peer / Site to Site VPN Using OpenVPN On pfSense”
I can ping across the 2 networks but I cant connect to any shared folders I just get an error saying location not available. The subnets are different for each end and both ends are double NATed (isp modem routers) I have forwarded port 1194 in both modems. Each site has a static ip for the WAN address. Let me know if you need any more info everything was setup as per Tom’s video except the addressing is different. Thanks any help greatly appreciated

Try pinging the devices, if they can’t be pinged then you probably need to get the routes added to the OpenVPN config.

Also consider using Wiregaurd for VPN site to site.

I can ping the devices ie SynologyNAS, the one thing that may be a contributing factor is the very poor internet connections at the moment in Nth QLD Australia wet season. I may leave trying to trouble shoot until we can get fiber connections to both sites.

Thanks for the response and I will give wireguard a try