SIP , PBX NS300 to pfsense

Hello Everyone, need a help on this, I have a project SIP and NS300 is working properly and now they want to hook the pbx on the existing network. drawing1 and drawing 2 is my idea but i dont nkow how to start it. please help thanks in advance.

What is the goal? Just to communicate with devices on the PBX network? For that you can create a subnet in the same range.

Yes my goal is to communicate with the PBX.
If i create a network subnet on the same range in pfsense is that possible without conflict on the IP?

ex.i create VLAN PBX /24 and dedicate port 1-5 on unifi switch the SIP router will connect on port 1 and PBX on port 2.

does the other VLAN can communicate with the PBX with proper firewall rules without conflict on the ip of on pfsense and on SIP Router?


If you create a subnet in the same range then the devices on the PBX subnet need to have the pfsense as a gateware to they can communicate back to the devices from the office.