SIP notworking Behind Pfsense

Hello im trying to replace the cisco router provided by our SIP provider to pfsense, because they billing us every month on the cisco router instead we come up with the solution to replace it with pfsense XG7100 1U.
but when i try to replace it with pfsense XG7100 1U unable to call either inbound or outbound calls from PANASONIC NS-300.

here is the SIP provider topology - WORKING!

here is when i replace the cisco router- Not Working! but im able to ping the and the SBC from that network range.
Firewall rules are basic allow all traffic and also try the 1:1 NAT. nothings happen.

Is there anyone who already tried this Setup?
Please Help.

Do a Wireshark capture of SIP traffic on the LAN and WAN ports on pfsense and see what is missing or being dropped

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I am assuming there are some specific settings inside the Cisco that need to be added to pfsense.

check the Cisco router their is no special config. router is Cisco 4321.
interface config of the cisco router IGB0 IGB1