Single nic pfsense setup

hello Tom

following your YT videos for a long time…
and you made up my mind to upgrade my home network to a home lab network…switching from network hubs to managed network switches with pfsense and vlans… and TPLink Omada
i am enjoying the setup and all is working fine.

would really love to see a video showing single nic Pfsense setup using managed switch (preferably a TPlink omada switch).

currently i am using dell optiplex 3050 micro (having single onboard nic) with a usb 3 to 1Gbps Lan adapter as a second NIC.
i am planning to have another ISP as failover by connecting another usb-lan adapter…
i thought having a vlan aware single nic setup might work in a better way.

Think you will save yourself a load of hassle buying a 4 port NIC on ebay for a few quid.


dell optiplex 3050 micro does not have any pci expansion slots else i would have got the 4port nic

Not something I am likely to do because it’s mostly a long talk about using VLAN interfaces which means it more about switch config than pfsense config.

here’s a link …

How about a Single Nic pfSense on Proxmox video?

(I am struggling with vlans, vswitches, v…

the single nic does not apply since in proxmox you can create a bunch of interfaces.

You can make a vm, create 2 nics, and install pfsense.

I prefer pfsense on a bare metal, separate physical box rather than virtualized.

Thanks for reply, do I then just
stuff them into the Linux bridge?